January 21-23, 2011 : THE PARIS LAS VEGAS HOTEL
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Are you ready? WorldVentures is celebrating its fifth birthday and we're ready to set records and reach new levels of success during the next five years!

To kick off 2011, we are doing our first-ever
Momentum! training event. As our top earners will tell you, WorldVentures' training programs have been the key to their success. And as fantastic as the trainings have been in the past, Momentum! promises to raise the bar to a whole-new level!

We will be
laying out the groundwork that will propel WorldVentures to the next level of success all around the world, and we want you to be there with us to experience it all firsthand!

Join "Head Coach" Marc Accetta and his all-star staff as they teach you exactly how to create momentum if you are starting your business, and how to advance your momentum if you are ready to take your business to the next level!

All of the trainers for this event are
experts at starting new markets, maintaining growth in existing markets and creating momentum when the timing is right. There will be no guesswork, just cold-hard facts about how they have created their six - and seven-figure incomes with WorldVentures!

This event will be high-energy from start to finish. The coaches and players will be in full uniforms, giving this event a feel that's unlike any WorldVentures event you've ever attended.
  • Learn how to create momentum in your business, even if you're brand-new to WorldVentures.
  • Be taught the techniques you'll need to become a sales expert.
  • Strategize how to create momentum, whether you're starting in a new area or a new country!
  • Gain the skills you'll need to help your team create momentum in 2011 — and increase your profits.
  • Get the game plan from head coach Marc Accetta that all the top leaders will be following in 2011.
  • Gather business-building secrets from top leaders like Troy Brown, Jefferson Santos, Bethany Webster, and Matt Morris.
You will leave this three-day, life-altering event equipped with a game plan to make 2011 a champion sales year, and dramatically accelerate your ascent to success! Get ready to aim high and start hitting your goals!
WHEN : January 21-23, 2011
WHERE : The Paris Las Vegas hotel 3655 Las Vegas Blvd. SO. Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 Hotel Main: 800-722-5597
"This is going to propel our company's Momentum! to the next level."
—Johnny Wimbrey, IMD
"After the explosion my team saw following Millionaire Boot Camp, I can't wait to see what happens after Momentum!"
—Jefferson Santos, IMD
"We are going to pack the house! This is going to be an outstanding event.... I can't wait."
—David Pietsch, IMD
"We have built all of our momentum over the years by filling the big events. We are so excited we are doing a big event in January.... This will be explosive."
—Kari and Lisha Schneider, IMDs
"I look forward to every event this company does.... I can't wait to see what they come up with for Momentum!"
—Dave Baird, RMD
"Millionaire Boot Camp exploded my team's sales, but Momentum! will take them to a whole-new level."
—Bethany Webster, NMD
"With the new techniques being unveiled at Momentum!, you should do whatever you need to do to be there."
—Wes Melcher, IMD
"I cannot believe the number of sales that my team produces following one of these events. You have got to plug your team in to Momentum!"
—Matt Morris, IMD
"Big decisions are made at a big event, and Momentum! is the biggest event we have done to date."
—Dan Stammen, CMO